• AAVAARAM Moringa Enerj+ 60 Cap

    Moringa, a very native species of South India, is a super food due to its multifunctional properties. The leaves of Moringa help to improve the overall well-being by enhancing iron absorption through improved digestion and nutritional uptake. Each capsule is exclusively packed with 40+ powerful anti-oxidants and 30+ anti-inflammatory agents. Moringa in capsule form is an excellent source of Iron, Vit A, B, Calcium, Potassium and essential amino acids.

    Recommended Usage:

    One capsule twice a day with water after meal or as suggested by your healthcare provider.

    Disclaimer : The product is purely a dietary supplement and the content provided is based on the various research and our ancient Indian health knowledge. It is not indented to replace or substitute any medicines and medical advices.

    Sold By: Lotus Networks

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