• KAPIVA Artho Sure Juice 1 liter

    KAPIVA Artho Sure Juice

    Kapiva Artho Sure juice is an ayurvedic juice for relieving joint pain and minimizing arthritis issues. Kapiva Artho Sure juice has many traditional ayurvedic herbs such as ashwagandha, rasna, kutki, guduchi and more. Kapiva Artho Sure juice gives body a fresh energy leading to a healthy lifestyle and reduced joint pains. Kapiva Artho Sure juice is also known to reduce stress hormone generation, thereby giving your body a relaxed feel. Kapiva Artho Sure juice gives pain relief from muscular injury and reduces swellings caused due to blunt-force impact on joints. Mild sprains can also be addressed by this natural Kapiva Artho Sure juice as it is effective in relaxing twisted muscles.

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