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Krismart is a fledgling e-commerce start-up founded on a strong vision to promote and deliver healthy organic food and dietary products at your doorstep. It is the dream outcome of the journey of 2 individuals in their endeavour to live and lead a healthy lifestyle and from it an aspiration to extend and share it beyond their personal selves.

In these modern times when most of us have become susceptible to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, the onus is on us to make wise choices with regard to diet and lifestyle. Holistic health starts with the food we intake. So, we at Krismart take care to ensure a balanced and nutrient-rich meal on your plate by avoiding harmful chemicals, white sugar, processed food, refined carbs, and trans-fat in our products. Our products come in the form as nature meant them to be.

Our food product range covers your daily needs from beverages, health drinks, breakfast meals made of traditional food grains, power-packed breakfast cereals and tasty evening snacks to dinner meal packs.

We also offer a diverse range of native heirloom grains from millets to rice, herbs and herbal products that aid in better digestion, enable detoxification, and thus help in building robust immunity.

Let us eat healthy, live healthy and make a healthy world.

Services on hold due to lockdown

Dear All,

Due to Prevailing Lockdown in Tamil Nadu,

Our services got impacted, We will resume our services once Lockdown is lifted.

Thanks for your support and Understanding.

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